How to Create a Real Looking Rubber Stamp Tutorial in Photoshop

Link to the Photoshop Tutorial.

In this Photoshop Tutorial, we will learn How to Create a REAL LOOKING RUBBER STAMP in Photoshop in few simple steps. #photoshopstamp #stampeffect #realstamp

You can find grunge brushes from the link below:

Rubber Stamp

Create a real looking rubber stamp in Photoshop to use for advertisements and graphic design.

I’m going to show you how to make a cool Rubber Stamp in Photoshop. Its really easy.

Step 1: Get Grunge Brushes

Find some grunge brushes. Its extremely important that you get some good grunge brushes. Look for some that have a large range of scratches. I’m not going to show you how to install a brush, there are plenty of tutorials out there on how to do that. This tutorial is about Rubber Stamps. So once you have downloaded and installed your new grunge brushes you are ready to rock. I will be using brushes from

Step 2: Create Text

Great a new image (500×500 pixels) white background. Create a new layer and add some text user a nice thick font. I have used Impact. Make sure you text is big and use a nice bold colour as well (i have used solid red).

Step 3: Create Box for Border

Now lets add a thick border around it to make it look like a stamp. So select your Rectangular Marquee Tool (selection box) from your tool box and create a selection around your text which is about 10 pixels away from your text all the way around. Create a new layer and fill your selection with any colour.

Step 4: Create Border from Box

Okay, so its a red square, now we are going to change this square to a red border. Double-click on the “red-square” layer to open of the layer style window. In the ‘Blending Option’ screen drag ‘Fill’ down all the way to 0. Now, go down and select the Stroke option. Change the position to ‘Inside’ and increase the size until its pretty close to your text. Match to colour of your text. You should now have something like whats to the right.

Step 5: Apply Grunge Brush

Now you are starting to see the Rubber Stamp come together. We want to add a bit of texture to the stamp to complete the rubber stamp effect. So we need to merge the 2 layers together. Firstly, right click on your text layer and select ‘Rasterize Text’ (this makes the text into a shape and not text anymore). Now select your top layer (the border layer) and press ctrl-e. This will merge the text layer and the border layer together. Okay, so let us get some texture going. Select the eraser tool. At the top of the window, use the drop down arrow next to brush to select your grunge brushes. You may need to load your grunge brush library. Change the mode to ‘Pencil’ to get a hard cut for your eraser and use the eraser to apply cuts throughout the stamp. Once your done you should have something along the lines of whats to the right (dependent on the brushes you use).

Final Results

There you are, you got your Rubber stamp affect. Apply it to any sort of project you like. As mentioned, its great for advertisements if you want to draw attraction to a special offer or something.


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