3-Step Process for Retouching Fashion Portraits

3-Step Process for Retouching Fashion Portraits by Worldforpsd Photoshop is an all consuming world full of plug-ins and hundreds of retouching options, and the simpler you make it for yourself, the better. I use a three-step process when retouching fashion portraits –– eliminating unwanted blemishes, filling in shadows, and running multiple layers of Portraiture to... Continue Reading →


What is the Golden Hour? What Causes the Golden and Blue Hours?

What is the Golden Hour? by Worldforpsd As photographers and videographers we always have to work with the light that’s available. Sometimes that’s a full lighting department with fancy lights and modifiers but, most often, natural light from the sun is all we have. Although there’s no such thing as “bad” light, some kinds of... Continue Reading →

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